Northeast Washington Hay Growers
Ventenata Biology & Management 2015

Joe Olmstead, President
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Bob Gish, Vice-President 


Loren Lentz, Treasurer 

Mark Ziehnert, Secretary 



North East Washington Hay Growers Association (NEWHGA) includes Spokane, Stevens, Ferry and Pend Orielle counties. A wide variety of high quality forages are grown in these areas. While the growing season is short, the moderate temperatures and adequate rainfall is nearly perfect for growing alfalfa, timothy, grain forages and a variety of grasses that compete on an equal basis with forages grown anywhere in Idaho and Washington. As an organization, NEWHGA has several goals - education of producers and consumers concerning hay quality issues, spraying, fertilizers, environmental issues, water quality, and conservation are just a few of the items that are discussed. A spring field day in May allows us to demonstrate proper techniques and observe strategies first hand. An annual meeting in December is used to educate in a more traditional classroom approach. Hay King contests are sponsored at the Spokane Interstate Fair, Clayton, Cusick, and Colville fairs. Free hay tests are provided by NEWHGA for all forages entered in the fair. This encourages forage testing, helps demonstrate the importance of testing forages for quality, and provides for competition to produce higher quality forages. Consumers show a great deal of interest in the hay test results and ask very good questions which leads to a lot of good discussion. NEWHGA is very active with Washington State Hay Growers in addressing political issues that affect agriculture and forages. We also are active in helping members sell their forages through our "hay for sale" listing on this website and other advertising methods. - See more at:


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Joe Olmstead, President